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Information updated November 24, 1999

Chanute, KS Opened approximatel 1896, closed in 1931 Formerly the the division headquarters for the Santa Fe's Southern Kansas Division, Chanute's decline began during the early 1940's but not before a large Harvey House was built. The building now serves as a Public Library.
Dodge City, KS -- El Vaquero


 Dodg City Harvey House 1999
1999 Photo by Jim Andrews, Garden City KS

 Station opened in 1896, Hotel opened in 1900, closed in 1948. One of the larger Harvey Houses in Kansas, similar is style to Chanute, KS. The building was donate to a Dodge Development/Ford County a couple of years ago (date anyone??) The second floor is boarded up, but the first floor houses an Amtrak ticket office and waiting room for the Southwest Chief.

Florence, KS -- Clifton House

The first of the Fred Harvey Company's hotels, established in 1878, now a Museum and Restaurant. (In Topeka, Mr. Harvey operated a restaurant for the Santa Fe Railway.)

The Museum now serve meals, prepared from original Harvey House recipes. The five course meals are served by costumed "Harvey Girls". The $15.00 per person charge covers the meal, gratuity, a tour of the museum and a short presentation about the founder, Fred Harvey. The meals and tours are by reservation only.

221 Marion Street Florence, KS 66851 -- One block west of Main Street on the corner of 3rd and Marion Streets.
Telephone: (316) 878-4296
Alternate telephone: (316) 878-4466
Email: western@southwind.net
 Fort Scott, KS There was an HH newstand here from 1896 to 1930. One of 19 newstands located along the St. Louis & San Francisco RR (the Frisco), a subsidiary of the ATSF until 1897. Now they do a play there called "How the West was Fed!" The story is from the Pittsburgh (KS) Morning Sun Online 
Leavenworth, KS Mr. Harvey settled in Leavenworth, raising his family there. A Harvey newstand existed here from approximately 1900 to 1923
Syracuse, KS -- The Sequoyah Opened in 1908; closed in 1936. I saw a really nice photo of the Syracuse HH at Sacramento's Rail Fair '99. When I get a copy of it, it will go here. The Link is to an old postcard. If you've got some info about this HH, email me.
 Topeka, KS Opened in 1876; closed in 1940. The second of Mr. Harvey's restaurants, replacing the Santa Fe's restaurant.

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